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ProSpray 3.34 High Boy

Ideal for large production residential, roofing, medium commercial or medium maintenance applications. Suitable for projects requiring more than one gun to be used.

Comes complete with Digital Electronic Control System (DESC), Rigid Suction System, High Pressure Filter, Vector Grip Airless Gun, 15 metre Airless Hose, 517 TradeTip 3 and Base, EMI Filter, Tool Kit and Pump Protection Start-up Pack.

  • Long stroking piston
  • Retractable telescopic handle for compact storage
  • New angled cart design for one man loading and unloading
  • Quick-release fluid section (without tools)
  • New tilt cart feature for easy change over of paint drums
  • Digital Electronic Spray Control (DESC): Regulates all functions including pressure control, job timers, litres used, self diagnostics/trouble-shooting & anti-theft features
  • Vector Grip Contractor Gun – Complete with 517 TradeTip3, tip base, gun filter and hose swivel
  • Auto-Oiler – Convenient oiling of piston with the press of a button
  • High Pressure Filter – Additional filtering protects against paint blockages
  • High Boy Cart Design – Mounted on a sturdy steel trolley with telescopic handle, rugged wheels & convenient hose rack
  • Angled cart design for one man loading and unloading
  • Tilt cart feature for easy change over of paint drums
  • Long stroking piston
  • Quick-release fluid section (without tools)

Part No. 558017

Power 2.6 HP / 1.94 kW

Pressure 3335 psi

Flow Rate 4.5 l/min

Weight 43 kg

Max Tip Size 1 Gun 0.034″

Max Tip Size 2 Guns 0.023″

Max Hose Length 90 m

Annual Usage 34,000 litres