Industrial Cleaning Equipment Shortland

Industrial cleaning equipment is important for any manufacturing or industrial enterprise. It not only ensures that the environment is always clean, but also reduces production costs and boosts efficiency by preventing work-related accidents.

When it comes to industrial cleaning equipment in Shortland, Daynatech are one of the best. With a large range of high-performance machines designed maximise flexibility and productivity, by recommending the right equipment for any situation and budget. Our extensive knowledge of the business, combined with a variety of services and our expert team members, make us the obvious choice when it comes to choosing an industrial cleaning supplier.

Our brands include:

  • Kranzle
  • Jetwave
  • Gerni
  • Spitwater
  • Wagner
  • Graco Sprayers
  • Aussie Pumps
  • Comet

Daynatech provide Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Shortland

Shortland is a small residential suburb of Newcastle and falls under the City of Newcastle. Its development has been restricted due to surrounding wetlands. If you’re looking for industrial cleaning equipment in Shortland, please contact Daynatech today on 02 4960 9400!